Art Drop: 4.4.2019

There's no rhyme or reason, no schedule to the weird wonders that present themselves. Here, my bug jar of collective thoughts, doodles, experiences, and more are shared for all to see. I hope you enjoy!  


Fear & Loathing of Fibromyalgia

After some complications with my last doctor, I'm taking a moment here to talk about Fibromyalgia. It's a serious issue that is often overlooked, and that really bothers me: My illness is invisible - I am not.  Fibromyalgia ("FM") is a medical condition that involves chronic and widespread pain. It affects an estimated 2-8% of … Continue reading Fear & Loathing of Fibromyalgia

Etsy Shop Info Drop

Just dropping this off  here for anyone interested: Stars of Sobek Etsy Shop I've some newer items up - Mermaid inspired glitter and glam tipped bamboo crochet hooks. They're simple, pretty, and affordable as a gift to any hooker. 😉