Why Wellness Matters

I've been on hiatus. A notably long break from posting and publishing my most-recent projects and thoughts. In the long, I feel as though my absence is due to necessity - and in the short, I know it is because ultimately, I am not well. My last blog share gave me the opportunity to admit … Continue reading Why Wellness Matters


Trying Something New + Art Drop

Hello All! If you followed my last blog post, you'll know that I'm taking my first (and earliest) steps towards helping resolve my long-term depression. I've been away a little bit more than usual these past few weeks due to the fact that adjusting to my first medication has been a learning experience - one … Continue reading Trying Something New + Art Drop

Art Drop: 27.04.2018 – Discussing Themes, Errors, and Artistic Fun

Every now and again, I get very lucky and land the rare opportunity to design the art with more freedom than most projects and commissions I work. Radar Games (Ireland), has given me so much free license to design and sketch various dinosaurs for their upcoming indie card battle game, Chomp. It's been nothing short … Continue reading Art Drop: 27.04.2018 – Discussing Themes, Errors, and Artistic Fun

Art Drop: 9.04.2018

I love nothing more than the fresh feel of spring, a good cup of coffee, a sketchbook and pen in my hand. This Monday is off to a wonderful start. 🙂 A fantastic time drawing #dinosaurs for the upcoming #tabletopgame #Chomp! If you're interested in following the game adventure and progress, check out #RadarGamesIrl @: … Continue reading Art Drop: 9.04.2018

Art Drop: 4.4.2018

I always enjoy the opportunity to drop in some art. Here, as has become the habit, are a bunch of #Chomp the upcoming #IndieGame pieces for you to enjoy! 🙂 If anyone wants to catch up on updates or follow the #RadarGames Ireland developers, check them out @: #Instagram #Facebook

Art Drop: Chomp – 31.3.2018

Nothing like dinosaurs and indie game card artwork to make for a fun and fulfilling week. Hoping everyone out there in the world is having a fantastic weekend. I hope to be sharing more art in the next week, so stay tuned. 🙂 ❤