Happy Halloween – 2018

Hi folks! It's been a long and distant stretch between my last post and this one, but I am still here, kicking (albeit not as hard as a mule.) There's been a few developments with Chomp The Card Game. The Radar Games team is on a temporary hold while they await production replies from various … Continue reading Happy Halloween – 2018


Chomp – The Card Game is Live!

Hiya Folks! Apologies for the delay in replies and updates. It's been a challenge adjusting to my new medications again. If you've never had the joy of hearing about brain zaps, I really encourage you to check them out. They caught me completely off guard (shock, really, if I don't offend with the odd pun … Continue reading Chomp – The Card Game is Live!

Art Drop: 27.04.2018 – Discussing Themes, Errors, and Artistic Fun

Every now and again, I get very lucky and land the rare opportunity to design the art with more freedom than most projects and commissions I work. Radar Games (Ireland), has given me so much free license to design and sketch various dinosaurs for their upcoming indie card battle game, Chomp. It's been nothing short … Continue reading Art Drop: 27.04.2018 – Discussing Themes, Errors, and Artistic Fun

Art Drop: 9.04.2018

I love nothing more than the fresh feel of spring, a good cup of coffee, a sketchbook and pen in my hand. This Monday is off to a wonderful start. 🙂 A fantastic time drawing #dinosaurs for the upcoming #tabletopgame #Chomp! If you're interested in following the game adventure and progress, check out #RadarGamesIrl @: … Continue reading Art Drop: 9.04.2018